Priority 2030

Book renewing online

Renewing of books Online service allows you to extend the period of use of documents virtually, without additional access to the library. To renew, you must fill out the appropriate online form.

Научное информирование

Виртуальные услуги по научному информированию предназначены для преподавателей, сотрудников, аспирантов и ординаторов ПИМУ, а также врачей медицинских учреждений ПФО.

Electronic document delivery (EDD)

Electronic document delivery (EDD) – the ability to order an electronic copy of a document (articles from magazines and collections, chapters from books, abstracts, etc.).

Editing of a list of references

The library provides paid services for editing lists of references in accordance with the current GOST standards for any type of scientific work (dissertation, dissertation abstract, monograph, article, term paper, abstract, etc.).

The virtual reference

The virtual reference of the scientific library of PIMU is carried out in the online "question-answer" mode through the VKontakte widget and provides the user with the opportunity to (open to read more)

Online payments

Payment for educational services of the university, as well as scientific library services, including debts

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