Priority 2030
Privolzhsky Research Medical University

Mission and Goals

Since the year of foundation (1920) PRMU has been constantly developing national medical education according to modern requirements with maintenance of the fundamentals.
PRMU creates the basis for high quality of education through a combination of high level of scientific researches and advanced clinical practice, cooperates with Medical Research Institutes, administrations of Public Health Services, medical establishments of Nizhny Novgorod region, of Volga Federal Region. PRMU also collaborates with industrial enterprises and other national and foreign Universities.
PRMU is the center of treatment/consultation activity of the region, one of the most important centers of medicine, education and culture of Volga Federal Region.

Privolzhsky Research Medical University sees its mission as maintaining and strengthening the role of PRMU as one of the leading higher educational establishments in the country which is engaged with:
  • education, retraining and advanced training of doctors, pharmacists and nursing specialists capable of making a sufficient contribution to the improvement of Russian people's health;
  • theoretical and clinical scientific research as essentials for the provision of high quality education and providing solutions to the tasks of Public Health Services, the development of culture, the transfer of knowledge and medical technologies;
  • integration into the system of continuous international medical education and participation in the efforts of Russian higher schools to the unification with the systems of higher education in European countries;
  • active influence on medical and social development of Nizhny Novgorod Region and Volga Federal Region.


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