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Privolzhsky Research Medical University

Rules of internal order

Remember that students' behavior at University is regulated by the Rules of Internal Order for Students of PRMU. Each PRMU student must follow these rules:
  • Entrance to educational buildings and hostels is allowed only with a CampusCard;
  • Follow the rules of fire safety, work and educational discipline and on-the-job safety;
  • Take care of property of University, save electricity, water, gas and other resources;
  • Follow the students' core principles;
  • Remember that smoking, alcohol consumption, swear words, drug use and distribution are strictly prohibited and illegal!
If Rules of Internal Order for Students are broken, a person may be subject to disciplinary measures and dismissed from University.

How to get medical care?

  • 1


    ! passport

    ! visa

    ! registration card

  • 2

    Appointment to a doctor
    Through RACUS -
    Through your dean`s office
    Online booking –
    or Emergency:
  • 3

    Guarantee letter
    Directly from MAKS

    Through RACUS
    +7(930) 803-8685

  • 4

    Come to the hospital at
    2, Nizhnevolzhskaya Naberezhnaya,

    or Inform RACUS about your situation for further actions.

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