Приоритет 2030 Сведения об образовательной организации

To All Creatures Great and Small

Autumn has started to set in. In its last sunny days, overseas students went for a

walk in Switzerland Recreation Park to admire the bright colors of nature that we

have only during the golden autumn time. However, the students were set on

feeding the squirrels – the fluffy dwellers of the park. Not only were the guys

lucky to spot the animals, but they also had them eating nuts out of their hands.

Besides, international students (together with the advisers of the Russian language

section) made bird feeders, filled them with birdfeed and hung them on the trees on

the campus. They learned what the wintering birds were and what they liked to eat.

If you can, you may fill the feeders with rice, millet, wheat, oatmeal, and raw

sunflower seeds.

We hope that it will make it easier both for the little dwellers of the park and the

birds to survive the cold winter!


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