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It knows how to think: PRMU scientists have grown a unique artificial brain in a test tube

An artificial brain grown in a test tube can think. ‘Vechernyaya Moskva’ learned the details from Irina Mukhina, neural tissue engineer.

Irina Mukhina, DSc, Professor, Director of the Institute of Fundamental Medicine of PRMU, started focusing on growing brain tissue in a laboratory 15 years ago. However, the previous attempts failed. Besides, the process of growing such an artificial brain is quite lengthy.

— It grows like a normal brain in a human embryo, - says Irina Mukhina. - It all begins with taking a small sample of the upper layers of human skin. The required cells are derived to be deposited into the dishes where they grow and replicate for some time. As a result, after various manipulations have been performed, mini-brains are cultivated. They are carried over to a platform rotating in circles. This allows nutrients and oxygen to better penetrate into the organoid through the holes. And each hole should be taken care of.

Specialized chips are used to grow neurons. And now, for the first time, the scientists have managed to record electrical activity of the mini-brains they have grown. This indicates that the organoid ‘from the test tube’ can think.

— We have registered a signal from the neurons whereto a chip is attached. It showed that there is a certain mental activity that has yet to be deciphered. I hope we will be able to do this in the near future, - Irina Mukhina said.

So far, such a brain can be used in practice: for instance, as a joystick or an operating console.

Cited by ‘Vechernyaya Moskva’

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