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Yevgeny Primakov, Head of the agency, and Nikolay Karyakin, Rector of Privolzhsky Research Medical University, signed the respective agreement today in Moscow. Deepening international cooperation is part of the university development program supported by the Priority 2030 grant.

The cooperation agreement is designed to create new opportunities for the export of domestic education abroad: enhancing data communication and scientific cooperation, forming institutional partnerships between the educational and scientific community of the Russian Federation and foreign countries, increasing international students’ and scholars’ interest in the Russian language, Russian education and science, PRMU academic programs. This work is assumed to be carried out based on the representative offices of Rossotrudnichestvo – Russian centers for science and community centers abroad, Russian information and cultural centers, Russian centers for science and community centers, cultural centers, as well as partner organizations of Rossotrudnichestvo.

‘PRMU has reached such a point of development and recognition when it comes not only to expanding the presence of the university in the regions of Russia, but also to bursting the export of educational services onto the global stage. We have 1,700 overseas students. This is far from the limit. Our interests are now directed primarily towards Uzbekistan: with the support of Rossotrudnichestvo, the university will open its representative centers there. Now the vector of international cooperation is shifting towards the Middle East and the SCO, but this is only feasible with state aid. So I am grateful for the attention, the effort on Yevgeny Primakov’s part. I am sure that the first tangible results will appear this year,’ - said Nikolay Karyakin, Rector of PRMU.

The agreement contains a roadmap for joint activities until the end of 2023. International scientific conferences and forums for young scholars and recognized medical authorities will be held on the basis of PRMU. PRMU is scheduled to join the implementation of the ‘Mission – Wellbeing’ and ‘New Generation’ projects. Rossotrudnichestvo will also gain support from the PRMU project ‘Medics for Non-Medics’ – a series of video lectures on various medical aspects from the university experts.

‘Rossotrudnichestvo will be keen to encourage all PRMU initiatives, and our representative offices are ready to support the university not only in the priority regions of Uzbekistan and Syria, but also throughout the world,’ noted Head of the agency, Yevgeny Primakov.

ПИМУ и Россотрудничество договорились о взаимодействии (

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