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Privolzhskiy Research Medical University invites you to take part in the international video contest in English language


The students of Medical universities of Russia and neighboring countries are invited to participate in the contest. The students of all faculties are welcome to participate: General Medicine, Pediatric, Stomatological, Pharmaceutical and Preventive Medicine.


To create and present a video on the topic "Our first day of practical training in hospital" in English with English subtitles.

The order of providing videos

Applications for participation in the competition must be sent until 01.11.22.

Up to three application forms are accepted from one educational institution.

The deadline for providing the video is until 15.12.2022.

Within the specified period, the video or the link necessary to download it must be sent to the mail

Nominations and awarding the winners

The contest videos are reviewed by the members of the organizing committee until January 31, 2023. The winners of the contest are determined by the organizing committee, the resolution is executed by the protocol. Awarding of the winners will be carried out within 2 weeks after the announcement of the results of the contest. All contestants will receive certificates of participants and the winners will be awarded with diplomas of 1, 2 and 3 degrees.

Requirements for the contest videos «Our first day of practical training in hospital»

Creative approach to the assignment. Participants create a unique script for the contest video about the chosen day of practice, including an interesting plot, general information about the activities performed and knowledge of medical terminology. If there is no possibility of shooting the video directly at the hospital, it is allowed to restore the scenery using props.

Text accompanying the video should be logical, competent, clear and emotionally colored. Participants voice the video in English in two modes: voiceover and "live" voice in front of the camera. The video must be accompanied by subtitles in English. The text of the subtitles should be easy to read and synchronized with the voice in the video.


The image and the sound should be of good quality. The video should start with the opening credits and end with final credits containing information about the creators, managers, cited sources (text, music and photographic materials, etc.).

The total duration of the video is no longer than 4 minutes.

Minimum number of team members 4 people, maximum – 10.

Teams going to participate in the video contest must submit the participant's registration form and send it to until 01.11.22. The registration form is attached.

In the subject of the e-mail please specify: "Video contest".

International contest participant's registration form

International contest participant's registration form 

Information about the educational organization:

the name of the organization

address and postcode

contact phone number

Information about the team leader/captain:

Full name of the leader /captain


contact phone number

General information about the video creators: (full name of all participants,

course, faculty, age)

Subject to availability:

The name of the medical institution where the video was shot

Link to download the contest video file (added when the video is sent)*

* Attention! The participant's registration form must be sent twice:

1.    When applying for the participation in the contest without filling the last line in until 01.11.22;

2.    When sending a video/a link to download the video with the last line filled in until 15.12.22


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