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Overseas PRMU Students Excelled in the XIII International Festival of National Cultures

  On April 25, 2023, international PRMU students were actively involved in the XIII International Festival of National Cultures ‘In This Big World’ held at the Institute of the Russian Language of Nizhny Novgorod Dobrolyubov State Linguistic University. The festival was attended by overseas students from the universities of the Nizhny Novgorod region, Ivanovo, Shuya, and Cheboksary.


PRMU FIME students made presentations during all the round table discussions and won the following prizes:

Afify Moustafa Ayman Moustafa and Osman Yоussef Ahmed Osman Mohamed from Egypt won the 1st prize in the round table discussion ‘The Most Influential Persons of My Motherland’ (adviser: S.V. Matalova);


Parashare Uvraj Rajendrasinha and Singh Nishita from India were recognized as the best in the round table dedicated to national and cultural stereotypes (adviser: A.Y. Kovaleva);


Ismail Abdullah Mahmoud Abdullatif from Egypt was the 2nd in the round table devoted to the ideal of beauty in various cultures (adviser: S.V. Matalova);

Elaskary Tarek Abdellatif Abdellatif Ibrahim from Egypt was awarded the 2nd prize in the round table ‘Cultural Traditions of My Country’ (adviser: E.G. Shevyakov);


Ramadan Ibrahim Osama Elshafiе from Egypt took the 3rd place in the round table discussion ‘Tales of the Peoples of the World’ (adviser: S.V. Matalova).


The future doctor Hassan Shrooq Mohamed from Egypt (adviser: S.V. Matalova) was the 2nd in the poem recitation competition ceding the first position to a student of the Linguistic University.


Moreover, Indian students of Group 131 F (adviser: E.A. Volkova) took part in the national fair. They showed their costumes: the girls – beautiful saris, the young men – ‘lungi’ (sarongs) and ‘kurtas’ (loose shirts made from natural fabrics), and also treated the guests to traditional Indian dishes – ‘masala vada’ (savoury spiced pea fritters) and ‘sheera’ (Indian semolina pudding with saffron and nuts).


Congratulations to our winners!


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