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A walk around the Nizhny Novgorod Kremlin

On May 24, international students of the 1st year took a walk around the Nizhny Novgorod Kremlin with its century-spanning architecture to learn history and get exercise. The advisers guided the students through the medieval fortress. The students also commented history in return: Russian history classes proved useful!


Students from India, Iran, Zambia, and Egypt will remember the year when Nizhny Novgorod was founded for the rest of their lives treading on the number of 1221 paved all around the Kremlin for 2 hours.


To the sound of the bells, the students remembered Ivan the Terrible, who had been to Nizhny 5 times, and the rebellious 17th century. They paid tribute to Peter I near the monument to the emperor. They thanked the Italian master builders of the 16th century and the Russian prince of the 13th century who chose such a beautiful site for the future city. The site attracts a great many visitors up to this day: the students met people from Kamchatka, Vladimir, Moscow, etc. in the Kremlin.


Splendid views of the vast expanse over Strelka, over the Volga captured the students’ imagination during the walk. They admired the landscape to choose and explore it on foot later on. They went down to the Volga to solemnly mount the Chkalov Stairs homing to the walls of PRMU with numerous stops.


The same number reached the destination. No one got lost!


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