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Virtual driver

PRMU conducts research on the cognitive abilities and functional state of a person while driving.
During the experiment, the participant's attention, cognitive skills, and memory are tested through the virtual simulation of driving. During the study, an electrocardiogram and an electroencephalogram are recorded, as well as information about the position of the head, direction of gaze, movement of the pupil, and respiration is taken.

The results of this study will provide a better understanding of the firing pattern of neurons in the brain while performing the task, and how their work affects the functional state of a person.
During the experiment, the participant is required to:
Drive a car in the virtual simulation
Follow the operator's instructions
Questions and Answers
Answer the questions about the experiment itself and one’s well-being
The experiment lasts 50 minutes plus the time spent on experimental preparations (i.e. placement of sensors and their calibration, the course of the experiment explanation) and test driving to adapt the participant to the work of the virtual driving simulation.
We invite people older than 17 y.o. from different ethnic groups (Europeans, Hispanics, African Americans, Afro-Frenchmen, Asians, residents of South Africa, and other countries of Central and Southern Africa) living in Nizhny Novgorod to take part in this study.
Participation in the study is impersonal, voluntary, and is confirmed by informed consent. The research is carried out at the following address: Nizhny Novgorod, Meditsinskaya street, 3a (territory of the PRMU campus) every day, from 8.00 to 20.00. Upon the completion of the experiment, the volunteer receives a 1000 rubles certificate as a reward.
Please fill the Google Form, and we will contact you soon.
* If you got used to the left side driving, you can adapt during the trial session before the experiment