Online lectures by Professor Peter ten Dijke from Leiden University (the Netherlands)

Professor Peter ten Dijke from Leiden University (the Netherlands) gave the first lecture from a series of six lectures on cellular and molecular aspects of tumor processes in bone tissue and other systems that was held on January 21, 2021. The initiator of cooperation and conducting lectures was Alena V. Kochubeynik, PhD in Medical Sciences, Associate Professor, Head of Propaedeutic Dentistry Department, Dean of . PRMU International students, specialists in the field of oncology and related disciplines became active listeners of the lecture.
Peter ten Dijke is a professor of Molecular Cell Biology at Leiden University, the Netherlands. Professor's laboratory under his guidance studies the molecular mechanisms by which TGF- β members elicit their cellular effects via (co)receptors and intracellular SMAD effectors, and how subverted TGF- β family signaling is involved in cancer, vascular and bone diseases.
In a series of lectures, Professor Peter ten Dijke sheds light on the following topics:
1. Cellular communication and signal transduction;
2. Molecular and cellular basis of cancer;
3. From rare high bone diseases to therapies to osteoporosis;
4. Targeting TGF-beta for cancer therapy;
5. Targeting BMP signaling in cardiovascular diseases;
6. Targeting the immune system to treat cancer patients.
The next lecture is scheduled in two weeks, please, follow the updates on University website.