A friendly table tennis tournament

For sports, there are no boundaries and distances,
It is clear to the people of the whole Earth.
It is the property of our entire planet,
Sports give happiness of friendship and love

On March 2, 2021, a friendly table tennis tournament among international students of FIME PRMU was held on the base of YASTREB SCHOOL.

Tennis, like any sport, teaches competitors to mobilize their capabilities, to act with maximum effort, to overcome the difficulties that arise in the course of wrestling. All these qualities are so necessary for a future doctor!
So, 12 students from India, Egypt and Iraq tried to surpass each other in speed of actions, ingenuity, accuracy of serves.
The results of the tournament:
1st place - Gupta Jatin Manish, India, gr. 431-F
2nd place - Abedi Assim Abdulhussein Abdulrida, Iraq, gr. 331-N
3rd place - Sefein Michael Nasri Aouad, Egypt, gr. 360-A
4th place - Barakat Tarek Zakaria Rajab Hassan, Egypt, gr. 231-N
5th place - Tushar Balasahed Korade, India, gr. 431-C
Congratulations to the winners!