Overseas PRMU students spent the New Year holidays in the best Russian traditions

Advisers of the Department of Foreign Languages (the Russian language section) and Russian volunteer students showed FIME students how to spend the New Year holidays in the best Russian traditions.

On January 4, it was the first time overseas PRMU students went to the theatre in Russia. We are happy that such cultural enthusiasm emerged in Nizhny Novgorod, at P.I. Tchaikovsky's ballet ‘The Nutcracker’. Students from Egypt and Iraq were surprised that familiar popular classics were written by P.I. Tchaikovsky, the Russian composer. His music, the atmosphere of the theatre, the costumes, the scenery and, last but not least, the magic dance moves mesmerized the students. A Christmas story where love, beauty and compassion triumph over evil is just the story for the New Year mood, winter landscapes and severe Russian frost. After the ballet, the students noted that they had started getting the feel of the culture of a foreign country. This culture, according to our foreigners, amazes with its music, shouts of ‘Encore!’ ringing out, and a wealth of spectators of all ages wearing festive clothes.

On December 30 and January 5, overseas students went ice-skating – one of the types of winter fun, – and on January 9, they visited an exhibition of immersive installations at Nizhpolygraph.

It looks as if all of us would love to know what the coming year will be like and what it has to offer. So our overseas students were invited to peep behind the veil of the New Year taking a close look at the Russian letters in the picture to find three words and forecast the year ahead. Some students will get joy, development, volunteering, others money, dream, success, and still others – an international grade of 3, renovation, and family.