Arzamas goose

On May 22, students of FIME PRMU took part in the festival "Arzamas Goose". The music scene of the Arzamas Goose was usually famous for folk songs and performances of Russian folk groups, but this year the festival gained international status, and all this thanks to the participation of foreign students studying in Nizhny Novgorod universities.
At the opening of the festival, PRMU students from Sudan Omer Ibrahim Elrashid Mohamed and Omer Ahmed Elsheikh impressed the audience with their artistry and charisma, reading a poem by B. E. Pilnik "Nizhny Novgorod Tea", and Indian students (Ishika Dahaghane, Anisha Tanpure, Varayathu Santhwana and Vrindha) surprised the audience with an incendiary national dance.
Egyptian students Sefein Michael Nasri Aouad and Avedi Mohamed Ali Elayed took part in a barbecue competition among international students. There were so many people who wanted to try the dishes prepared by foreign students that the jury could not determine the winners and awarded all the participants with memorable gifts and certificates.