the Nizhny Novgorod Code

21 January, 2021 international FIME students accompanied by the tutors gained a deep insight the history of Nizhny Novgorod literally: touched stone from the quarry, which was quarried construction materials to the Kremlin, went part of the way the Second People’s Uprising, saw Kulibin’s lantern, etc. In the end, students got acquainted with the infrastructure and program of events the coming year.
We can make a conclusion that everyone has his own view on «The Nizhny Code». They say that it is your attitude to the place where you live, the ones that surround you, your desire to develop this city and grow with it.
It is pleasant that for our international students, the Nizhny Novgorod Code is primarily Privolzhsky Research Medical University, its campus and the people they met here.