Atmosfera — Interuniversity Festival of the Peoples of the World

(in the lead-up to the National Unity Day)

On October 20, 2021, FIME PRMU students took an active part in the Atmosphere Interuniversity Festival of the Peoples of the World, which was held at Minin University.
A friendly atmosphere of international unity prevailed during this holiday. It all started with getting to know each other on the stage and playing a popular Rock, Paper, Scissors game known in many countries of the world.
The guys got acquainted with the traditions of Russian hospitality and the rules of etiquette at communication platforms (Speaking Club). They practiced self-presentation to be an important figure in any company, revised prefixed and non-prefixed verbs of movement, and tried their hand at entering into improvised dialogues.
At creative workshops, the festival participants designed an original mug mat in the style of Gorodets painting and made stylish woven bracelets.
At the master class ‘I am getting to know Russia’, they tried to put together a spils map consisting of 85 constituent entities of the Russian Federation.
Besides, the PIMU team (the only team consisting of foreign students from overseas countries) decided to match strength with Russian students from other universities in a quiz game from the #QVIZVSESVOI OREL AND RESHKA company, and took the 7th position out of 12! The photos show the questions that were asked to the students. We wonder if you know the answers!