International Chess Tournament

International Chess Tournament dedicated to the Teacher's day was held at the sports complex of PRMU "RYTHM" on October 10th. It was arranged by the Department of Physical Education and Sports, the tutors from Department of Foreign Languages (Russian language section) and Chess Federation of the Nizhny Novgorod region. Students from Russia, Iraq and India took part in the it. There were 4 teams each including 3 players.
Results of Tournament:
o  1st place was taken by a team of students: Anton Korolyov (Russia), Alexander Kotov (Russia), Thor Ashish Balasaheb (India)
o  2nd place went to the team of students: Al-Mamuri Hussein (Iraq), Raved Sabih Abdullah (Iraq), Abdulamir Ahmed (Iraq)
o  3rd place was taken by a team of students: Skate Utkarsh (India), Aphid Salunke (India), Halarnkar Tanum (India)
o  4th place was taken by a team of students: Al-Maklami Omar (Iraq), Mahmoud Mansi (Iraq), Salih Abdulmahdi (Iraq).
We congratulate the participants of the competition and wish them only victories in the future!