International students of PRMU became nominees and prize-winners of the photo contest «Friendship of the XXI century»

On April 27, winners of the photo contest "Friendship of the 21st Century", dedicated to the 800th anniversary of Nizhny Novgorod, were awarded in the conference hall of the Gaidar Children's Library. The competition was held by the Interregional Charitable Public Organization "Volga Migration Center" with the assistance of the administration of Nizhny Novgorod and with the support of the Presidential Grants Fund. 60 authors participated in the contest, including pupils, students, representatives of various professions, and pensioners. Out of 185 works, the competition committee selected 20. Five works out of 20 were named nominees.
As the host of the ceremony S. M. Shimovolos said: "Half of all prizes were given to students of the FIME PRMU". Work of the 6th year student Oladezhobi Amos was nominated. Prizes were given to Elanattil Rubina, Niki Andrew Dsouza, Onkar Sanjeev Pawar, Bhavani Deepak Vaidya, Barakat Tarek, Vrindha Shaji (2nd year), Shivani Shantanu Deshkar (3rd year).
The award ceremony had a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Vrindha Shaji read a poem about friendship written in English by a 2nd year student, Fulsundar Dattatraya. Winners enthusiastically talked about their favorite places in the city and about the people captured in the photo.
Winners and nominees of the competition were awarded with diplomas and gift certificates of the Imperiya Grez cinemas.
We are proud of our prize-winners, who, despite their intense studies and the difficult situation associated with the pandemic, notice the beauty around them and find time to walk around our beautiful, regal city.