Second Most Popular with Foreign Applicants

    The priority project " Development of Export Potential of the Russian Education" has been launched in our country, according to which it is planned to increase the number of foreign students in Russian universities by 2 times by 2024.

    PRMU is the second most popular university of Nizhny Novgorod with overseas students after Nizhny Novgorod State University, despite the fact that it provides professional training only in Medicine.

    1172 foreign citizens from 47 far-abroad countries and 14 neighboring countries study at the Privolzhsky Research Medical University. Medical councils of such countries as Morocco, Malaysia, Iraq, India, Tunisia, Egypt, etc recognize the University Diploma.

    Dynamics of the number of foreign students of PRMU (in full-time departments under HPE programs, as well as post-graduate professional education programs,

including CIS citizens) over the past 3 years:
    2017-2018 academic year - 805 people.
    2018-2019 academic year - 921 people.
    2019-2020 academic year - 1172 people.

Number of foreign citizens admitted to PRMU:
    2017-2018 academic year - 120 people.
    2018-2019 academic year - 280 people.
    2019-2020 academic year - 400 people.

    The knowledge and skills obtained in our University help graduates pass easily the procedure of education confirming in those countries where it is necessary and to be in demand on the labor market. Many of them return to our University for post-graduate education. Leaving Nizhny Novgorod, they not only help their compatriots as specialists in the field of Medicine, but also become Ambassadors of Russia, promote Russian culture and the Russian language on the International market.