How to feel more comfortable in a foreign country?

How to behave correctly when meeting the police? What rights does a foreign student have?
On March 31, an important meeting for overseas students was held at hostel No. 3. Sergey Mikhailovich Shimovolos, a lawyer at the Volga Migration Center, told foreign students about the residence rules of a foreign citizen, who come into effect from the first moment of their stay in our country. In addition to the requirements that Russia imposes on its temporary residents, Sergey Mikhailovich also spoke about the rights of a foreign citizen, which, undoubtedly, our students have. For example, the right to freedom of movement on the territory of the Russian Federation, but only with the mandatory permission of the University. Some students were interested in the possibility of obtaining Russian citizenship with the help of PRMU red diploma and practice at Nizhny Novgorod hospitals. Sergey Mikhailovich answered urgent questions about the possibility and impossibility of employment of a foreign citizen and most acute, gave some advice that will not allow you to become "guilty without guilt" in a foreign country.