General Medicine Department

Graduate may become

General Medicine Graduate may become following professionals:

  • Therapist,
  • Gynecologist (Obstetrician-Gynecologist),
  • Surgeon,
  • Cardiologist,
  • Endocrinologist,
  • Neurologist, etc.

Graduate may work at

  • State and commercial medical institutions,
  • State health authorities,
  • Citizen social protection institutions,
  • Research institutes,
  • Medical offices at educational institutions and enterprises,
  • Secondary professional and higher education institutions (medical faculties, universities, colleges).

Graduate may work as a

  • Doctor,
  • Department Head,
  • University Teacher
  • Scientist, etc.
  • For career development in institutions you have to continue education in the field of medicine.


  • Obstetrics and Gynecology
  • Anesthesiology, Resuscitation and Emergency Medical Care
  • Ear, Nose and Throat Diseases
  • Eye Disease
  • Hospital Therapy and General Medical Practice named after V. G. Vogralik
  • B. A. Korolev Hospital Surgery
  • Clinical Forensic Medicine
  • Skin and Venereal Diseases
  • Medical Rehabilitation
  • Nervous Disease
  • General and Clinical Psychology
  • General, Operative Surgery and Topographic Anatomy named after A. I. Kozhevnikov
  • Oncology, Radiation Therapy, Radiation Diagnostics
  • Propaedeutics of Internal Diseases
  • Psychiatry
  • Therapy and Cardiology
  • Traumatology, Orthopedics and Military Field Surgery named after M. V. Kolokoltsev
  • Urology named after E. V. Shakhov
  • Outpatient Therapy
  • Surgery and Transplantology
  • Endocrinology and Internal Medicine

General Medicine Department Dean - Egor Alexandrovich Perevezentsev

Deputy Dean for Junior Сourses - Ivan Borisovich Karpukhin

Deputy Dean for Senior Сourses – Vladislav Yurievich Zablotsky


Tel.: +7 (831) 422-20-95, +7 (831) 422-12-95


Medical and Preventative Care Department

Medical and Preventative Care Department has always been the main base for training personnel for sanitary and epidemiological service, doctors (occupational pathology, infectious diseases), scientific and scientific-pedagogical personnel. Department Graduates work at all federal districts as specialists and institution heads of Rospotrebnadzor, Roszdravnadzor, at Health Management bodies of the subjects of the Russian Federation, as hospital epidemiologists, doctors of clinical and laboratory diagnostics.

Among Department graduates are well-known scientists, scientific school and institution founders. Preventive focus of national health care, complication of tasks to ensure the sanitary-epidemiological welfare determine the need for further development of medico-prophylactic faculty in close collaboration with Rospotrebnadzor.


  • Hygiene
  • Infectious Diseases
  • Social Sciences and Humanities
  • Social Medicine and Health Organization
  • Phthisiology named after I. S. Nikolaev
  • Economics, Management and Medical Law
  • Epidemiology, Microbiology and Evidence-Based Medicine

Medical and Preventative Care Department Dean- Tatyana Vasilyevna Pozdeyeva


Tel. +7 (831) 422-12-96, +7 (831) 422-13-33 (add. 3720, 3721)


Pediatric Department


  • Biology
  • Biochemistry named after. G. Y. Gorodissky
  • Histology, Cytology and Embryology
  • Hospital Pediatrics
  • Pediatric Surgery
  • Medical Physics and Computer Science
  • Normal Anatomy
  • Normal Physiology named after N. Yu. Belenkov
  • Pathological Anatomy
  • Pathological Physiology
  • Pediatrics named after F. D. Agafonov
  • Faculty and Outpatient Pediatrics

Pediatric Department Dean - Andrey Sergeevich Zheleznov


Tel. +7 (831) 422-12-63        


Dentistry Department
From its opening on September 1, 1988 to the present day Dentistry Department has passed a long way of formation and development from a small department to one of the leading dental faculties among Russian universities. Dentistry Department marked the beginning of a new stage in medicine development and formation of Nizhny Novgorod dental school.
In 2013 Associate Professor, Candidate of Medical Sciences Alena V Kochubeinik was appointed Dentistry Department Dean. In 2004 scholarship named after I. D. Kinyapina was established by Nizhny Novgorod Academic Council to award excellent students of Dentistry Department.

Dentistry Department Dean - Alena Valerievna Kochubeinik
Deputy Dean of Dentistry Department - Zhdanova Maria Leonidovna
Senior Dean's Office Manager - Albina Ilinichna Malaneva

Tel. +7 (831) 422-13-07        
Pharmacy Department

Pharmacy Department was opened in 2000 in order to train specialists with higher pharmaceutical education (pharmacists).

Ph. D., Associate Professor Maxim Alekseevich Mishchenko has been Pharmacy Department Dean since 2017.

In 2019, Pharmacy Department opened international students training in English. During Pharmacy Department existence more than 1,500 specialists, including more than 100 citizens of foreign countries, received the diploma of pharmacist.


  • Foreign Language
  • Disaster Medicine
  • General and Clinical Pharmacology
  • General Chemistry
  • Management and Economics of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Technology
  • Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Pharmacognosy
  • Physical Culture and Sports

Pharmacy Department Dean - Maxim Alekseevich Mishchenko

Senior Dean's Office Manager - Kirichenko Elena Mikhailovna


Faculty of International Medical Education (FIME) is one of the oldest structural divisions of the University, the first foreign students from India and Syria came to study at our university in December 1991. The division was finally formed in 1992 as an independent Faculty.


FIME successfully provides scientific researches and educational work in the best world and Russian traditions. The educational process is based on modern principles and medical development. Privolzhsky Research Medical University has experienced and talented teachers- highly qualified specialists in various fields of medicine. 


Today, 1124 foreign citizens from 64 counties study at the University including 1 082 people studying at undergraduate programs in the Russian and English languages, and 42 people studying postgraduate programs. 


For international applicants our University offers undergraduate educational programs:

-   6-year General Medicine Program 

-   5 – year Dentistry Program

-   5-year Pharmacy Program



Dean – Irina Gennad’evna Stelnikova

Deputy Dean - Khrulev Aleksei Evgenevich

Deputy Dean - Smirnova Elena Mikhailovna 

Dean’s Office Managers:

Mokrushina Olga Nikolaevna 

Mizgireva Lyudmila Vasilevna 

Natalia Ivanovna Fitasova 



Tel. +7 (831) 422 13 33 ext.3750