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Dear freshman!
Now your dreams have come true, you have become a student of Medical University. From now on, your life will be related to Medicine, the most humane and noble science and profession.
Privolzhsky Research Medical University trains medical, scientific and pedagogical staff that meets modern demands of practical Public Health Care and Medical Science. To become a real doctor, you will have to work hard at the departments and clinical bases of the University, where experienced and talented teachers - highly qualified specialists in the field will teach you. Our University has a good foundation and all necessary equipment for studies and scientific activity. It also provides practice in the largest hospitals of the city and internships in leading foreign clinics.
It is difficult to study at our University, since a doctor always has high demands in professional, moral and ethical aspects. You do not have the moral right to study poorly and not to improve your skills. You have taken the "Code of Conduct for Students of PRMU", which sets forth the moral principles of a future doctor. Follow them and be worthy of the well-known University around the country and abroad, carefully store and share its traditions and glory.

Through hardships to the stars! Per aspera ad astra!
Rector of PRMU, N. N. Karyakin

Our news
Since the year of foundation (1920) PRMU has been constantly developing national medical education according to modern requirements with maintenance of the fundamentals.
PRMU creates the basis for high quality of education through a combination of high level of scientific researches and advanced clinical practice, cooperates with Medical Research Institutes, administrations of Public Health Services, medical establishments of Nizhny Novgorod region, of Volga Federal Region. PRMU also collaborates with industrial enterprises and other national and foreign Universities.
PRMU is the center of treatment/consultation activity of the region, one of the most important centers of medicine, education and culture of Volga Federal Region.

Privolzhsky Research Medical University sees its mission as maintaining and strengthening the role of PRMU as one of the leading higher educational establishments in the country which is engaged with:
  • education, retraining and advanced training of doctors, pharmacists and nursing specialists capable of making a sufficient contribution to the improvement of Russian people's health;
  • theoretical and clinical scientific research as essentials for the provision of high quality education and providing solutions to the tasks of Public Health Services, the development of culture, the transfer of knowledge and medical technologies;
  • integration into the system of continuous international medical education and participation in the efforts of Russian higher schools to the unification with the systems of higher education in European countries;
  • active influence on medical and social development of Nizhny Novgorod Region and Volga Federal Region.
    in the field of education:
      • provides education of highly qualified specialists with the use of modern management and internal control of quality of higher education;
      • develops programs of post-graduate and additional education for providing qualified specialists to meet the requirements of Public Health Services;
      • provides professional orientation and preliminaries of young people;
      • trains students according to humanistic traditions of Russian medicine and aids their development as highly cultured, socially active and well-rounded people;
      in the field of research:
        • carries out basic and clinical researches that determine the overall potential of the University and constitute the basis for high-quality education;
        • strengthens and develops the scientific and pedagogical schools at PRMU, provides training for highly qualified staff through postgraduate and doctoral programmes, works with a reserve of the scientific and pedagogical staff from doctors and students;
        • organizes the work of dissertational committees;
        • strengthens cooperation with medical scientific research institutes and centers of the Russian Academy of Sciences and the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, other Russian and foreign universities;
        in the field of interaction with health care organizations:
          • promotes the development of high medical technologies and their introduction to the establishments of Public Health Services of Volga Federal Region and the Russian Federation;
          • participates in the development of programmes, aiming at health promotion of Volga Federal Region citizens and other regions;
          • organizes the highly skilled medical and consultant help to Volga Federal Region and other districts of the Russian Federation;
          in the field of international relations:
            • provides training for foreign students, clinical residents, post-graduate students and doctoral students according to the international requirements to continuous medical education;
            • organizes linguistic training of professors and students of the University for participation in the international scientific and academic exchange programmes and training of foreign students with the intensive use of English language;
            • participates in scientific and academic exchange programmes with universities of foreign countries;
            • realizes co-educational programmes with educational institutions of other countries.
            To meet the above objectives PRMU:
              • develops its own structure and improves the management system according to social and economic development of the society;
              • develops the material and technical resources for educational, research and treatment/consultation work as well as the material infrastructure to support the social life of the staff and students;
              • improves the system of additional financial resources.
              Official name
              Full: Federal State Budgetary Educational Institution of Higher Education «Privolzhsky Research Medical University» of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation
              Short: FSBEI HE PRMU MOH Russia

              Accreditation series 90А01, №0003001, registration №2859 date of issue 26.06.2018
              Licenseseries 90Л01, №0009840, registration №2739 date of issue 7.05.2018
              10/1, Minin and Pozharsky Sq., Nizhny Novgorod, Russia, 603950, pimunn.ru

              Rector's office
              tel. +7(831)422-12-50
              Email: rector@pimunn.ru

              International department
              Tel. +7(831)422-12-62
              Email: interstudy@pimunn.ru
              Established in 1920
              Federal State Budgetary Educational Institution of Higher Education «Privolzhsky Research Medical University» of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation (FSBEI HE PRMU MOH Russia) is one of the oldest universities in Russia. It successfully provides scientific researches and educational work in the best world and Russian traditions. The educational process is based on modern principles and new trends of formation and medical development.
              PRMU consists of eight faculties: faculty of general medicine, faculty of dentistry, faculty of pediatrics, faculty of preventive medicine, faculty of pharmacy, faculty of international medical education, faculty of advanced training of specialists,supplementary professional education.
              Academic staff
              Academic staff of FSBEI HE PRMU MOH Russia is over 790 members, 163 post-doctoral degree, 437 PhD. More than 16200 people got formation in continuous medical education per year.
              Over 4000 students pursue studies in PRMU, where about 1000 students are foreign citizens from 58 countries across the world.
              There are five dormitories (hostels) for students; accommodation is limited.
              The tuition fee: https://files.pimunn.ru/docs/prikrector/2019foreig...
              FSBEI HE PRMU MOH Russia is interested in collaboration at the sphere of higher education and postgraduate studies.
              Federal State Budgetary Educational Institution of Higher Education «Privolzhsky Research Medical University» of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation is interested in collaboration in higher education and advanced training of specialists.

              General Medicine 31.05.01 060101
              Pediatrics 31.05.02 060103
              Dentistry 31.05.03 060201
              Preventive Medicine 32.05.01 060105
              Pharmacy 33.05.01 060301
              Nursing 34.03.01
              Basic Russian language-learning program and the supplementary Russian language learning program (intensive course)
              Foreign languages
              Formation in English: General Medicine, Dentistry and Pharmacy
              Mainstream areas in scientific researches
              • Experimental Oncology and Biomedical Technology
              • Fundamental Medicine
              • Therapy
              • Pediatrics
              • Gastroenterology
              • Endocrinology
              • Orthopedics
              • Traumatology
              • Combustiology
              For foreign citizens PRMU offers following educational programs
                • General Medicine Course, term of apprenticeship – 6 years
                • Dentistry Course, term of apprenticeship – 5 years
                • Pharmacy Course, term of apprenticeship – 5 years
                FSBEI HE PRMU MOH Russia consists of not only a university as an educational establishment, but also a university hospital and research institutes
                • Research Institute of Experimental Oncology and Biomedical Technologies
                • Research Institute of Preventive Medicine
                • Institute of Therapy
                • Institute of Pediatrics
                • Institute of Traumatology and Orthopedics
                • Institute of Fundamental Medicine
                • Institute of Dentistry
                The university is ready to work on common projects oriented to development of international common education space with establishments of higher education and medical establishments
                • holding collaborative conferences, official meetings, master-classes etc;
                • providing distance education;
                • formation and postgraduates studies for medicine staff of different areasof medicine;
                • realization of grant programs.
                Nowadays, FSBEI HE PRMU MOH Russia has many international partnerships worldwide; we collaborate with establishments of higher education and medical establishments of:
                • Hungary (University of Debrecen),
                • Czech Republic (Charles University),
                • France (University of Nice Sophia Antipolis),
                • Uzbekistan (Tashkent Pediatric Medical Institute,
                • Tashkent State Dentistry Institute),
                • Germany (Essen University Hospital).
                FSBEI HE PRMU MOH Russia has conventions with Chinese higher educational establishments – Jining Medical University and Baotou Medical College. In project is to develop international cooperation in the field of higher education and medicine with Guangdong Pharmaceutical University and Harbin Medical University.
                Rector: Nikolay Nikolayevich Karyakin

                Address: 10/1, Minin and Pozharsky Sq.,
                Nizhny Novgorod, Russia, 603950, BOX-470
                Tel. +7 (831) 439-09-43, 422-12-50
                Web-сайт: pimunn.ru
                Е-mail: rector@pimunn.ru,